Nedbank | RRB | Epic

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a digital, web-based platform that could be used by the bankers to capture and store information related to their clients, affording them the ability to meet their clients’ needs in a unified environment, reducing the effort and time required to complete simple transactions on their clients’ behalf.

Research & Planning

Working with the Business Analyst, we conducted the research, data analysis, user and stakeholder feedback; the problems and challenges were identified and design and business solutions were documented.

User flows were created and "red routes" identified and quanitified with the bankers.


The interface was designed in low fidelity wireframes and tested in a series of Usability tests, conducted iteratively with users, in one-on-one and group settings.

The results were collated and presented to stakeholders, designs were updated as required.


User Interface design elements and style guides were created, adhering to Nedbank’s Corporate Identity guidelines. This was an iterative process of refinement and enhancement.

Myself and the Business Analyst worked together with the stakeholders to create relevant and helpful alerts, feedback messages and interactions.


The project was highly successfully with a very enthusiastic take-up, the bankers found the interface to be delightful and intuitive with little to no training required.

Bankers Feedback

Wow this is the most advanced and user-friendly Nedbank system by far, Epic is the future, can’t stop smiling and navigating, all your RRB systems and links at the click of a button wow!

Just started using Epic and wow living it, quick and tab visible and easy to navigate, building other systems into Epic will be the ultimate, but absolutely great tool.

The system allows me to do my work flawlessly and organised, I love to do list' always remind me to follow up on clients and deliver good services and get back to the client within reasonable time.

THANK YOU SINCERELY RRB… it's been a long time coming(:D)

System assisted us as bankers. Thanks for listening to the bankers and create a system by bankers for bankers

System is AWESOME!!! super easy to use and FAST and efficient