Standard Bank | Business Online web app

The Brief

The current version of Business Online, while very powerful, was outdated in both technology and user experience and required a complete re-design and build. I worked as part of a team of 2 UX designers and 1 UI designer. We were responsible for designing the new BOL solution in a web app environment.


We ran Agile sprints, taking specific journeys and conducting in-depth research, this included stakeholder workshops and customer interviews.

I introduced the UEQ ( to analyse the current experience and we ran the UEQ after every usability test and deployment, creating a benchmark to measure the success of our changes over time.

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After gaining a strong understanding of the product and process, we would conduct ideation workshops to identify key process and interaction pain points to craft a viable solution, we would then present these concepts to the Product Owner and other Stakeholders.


Each journey was run through a series of usability tests, where we travelled to the clients’ premises and engaged with them.

The insights gathered during these sessions were presented as reports to the senior business stakeholders and applied to our design solutions.

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The results from the usability testing were applied and our UI designer refined the final designs and screen flows.

These were then handed over to the developers to size and plan their Agile sprints.

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